As Coronavirus drives Remote Working LuJam provides Cyber Security

Staying at home and creating distance ( social distancing ) is key advice from this excellent analysis of both Coronavirus and SARS.

When LuJam Cyber was originally envisaged by our CEO Tim Moran it the protection of home based workers and their companies that was uppermost in his mind.

He was manipulating sensitive data from financial organisations at home and realised that he was a back door into these companies.

After working with GCHQ, NCSC and IASME the last 2 years we produced a low cost Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance solution that was easy to use and around the price of a mobile phone contract.

Over the last 12 months we built a partner network that could supply LuJam Cyber as part of a wider Cyber Security and GDPR solution.

Now they are busy working with their clients to respond to the sensible strategy of these companies to encourage workers to stay at home and work from there.

Physical or virtual sensors and end points can be deployed by partners into their clients and 95% Cyber Security achieved within 7 days.

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