Continuous Monitoring and Risk Scoring against Security Standards is the future ..

When you think about it you realise that it is just not enough ….

It is not enough to combat the serious, committed, professional hacker and cyber scammer.

Annual re-Certification against the Cyber Essentials standard is not going to defeat them.

With all due respect self certification against the standard will not be and is not .. thorough enough. It is too easy to abuse.

In general, SMB’s globally will not pay for Cyber Security professionals to come and stress test their IT environments and ensure that they are Cyber Essentials Plus standard.

Everyone wants to be cyber secure and certainly governments, supply chain owners ( large corporates ) and cyber insurers want SMB’s secure.

So, automation and the use of ” Big Data ” , Machine Learning and AI was inevitable.

Recently in the UK the whole Cyber Essentials structure was changed with a simple objective …. Get UK SMB cyber secure fast. There is enough uncertainty for businesses with Brexit without also having to worry about cyber attacks that result in money stolen and time wasted.

In pursuing this primary objective you are either on the train or off the train. You are part of the mission and the team or you are not.

I recently started a series of seminars which I have dubbed ” Mission Possible ” Seminars. I bring together senior executives and people from related businesses and organisations to discuss how we are going to achieve the mission.

These companies/organisations include Managed Service Providers, Cyber Security Consultants, Regional Cyber Crime Units, Cyber Insurance Brokers and Underwriters, Recruitment Companies, Cyber Lawyers and others.

Our first Mission Possible Seminar was in Derby and the next is planned for Oxford area in November.

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