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Volunteers Needed – Free Cyber Security Trial

53% of all reported crime is now Cyber related, but with only 0.1% of Law Enforcement resources allocated to the problem, an affordable cyber security solution is desperately required for Small Businesses, the voluntary sector, schools and home workers.

‚ÄúNetPicket‚Äù from LuJam Security minimises business risks from cyber threats, tracks where data resides, who’s using it and provides visibility into network traffic and activity.

We seek businesses, voluntary sector organisations and home/teleworkers that have little or no other protection than a Firewall and Anti-Virus that meet some of the following criteria:
    • Regularly use the Internet and Cloud based Services such as storage and email
    • Have networked printers, scanners, IP phones, CCTV cameras, TVs and IoT devices
    • Use and want to audit Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
    • Want to ensure their businesses are not covertly participating in Cyber Crime Botnets
    • Would be concerned about unauthorised access to their network and resources
    • Need to detect and be alerted when a malicious email attachment is opened
    • Need to detect and be alerted when malware infections from web browsing occur

Soon, all business owners will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The threat from Ransomware and Malware has never been more acute and the growing Internet of Things compounds the problem. Small organisations are still trying to combat these challenges using Firewall and Anti-Virus alone. This just isn’t good enough. Not only do organisations risk serious disruption, but they’re also exposed to liability, litigation and reputational damage. LuJam’s service monitors, logs, blocks, alerts and reports suspicious activity. Our jargon free customer experience, targeted at the business user, provides cyber protection and privacy compliance.

The free trial will provide regular feedback on the security of your network and your privacy. In return we ask for candid feedback to improve our User Experience.
If you’d like a chance to be included in our free trial offer, please contact us via email at, or call +44 (0) 3333 447171.