Dark Apps are fashionably to do with the UI display mode but one of our partners has a different take on it ..

You set up a brand new IT infrastructure for a substantial sized business and you think you know about all the applications that are in use ?

Obviously many of them are cloud based these days eg Microsoft 365 etc

The problem is that your developers and users have perfected some neat little tricks over the years and lead to the almost instantaneous creation of a ” dark app. environment “.

Typically and most often, we are told , this has something to do with Excel. ( See article on the importance and continued use of Excel for data visualisation ).

We see you !!

When LuJam is installed we see all applications that all devices communicate with.

This is often one of the biggest surprises to senior management alongside the number of connected devices – the number of cloud based applications that are being used that they didn’t know about.

We find them, we track them and we report on them.

Our partner is going to use these capabilities to add to their own skills in this area and specifically to remotely monitor this type of activity.

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