Happy Christmas – next year will be bad for cyber attacks but we are ready ..

In 2020 there is going to be a massive increase in the number and types of cyber attack – especially on SMB’s and the Supply Chain and MSP’s.

The Cyber Criminals have been pretty successful the last year or two and they have invested time, money and talent themselves.

However, more than 2 years ago #GCHQ and #NCSC predicted this and directed companies that were inducted into their Cyber Accelerator to prepare solutions that would defend against these attacks. LuJam Cyber was one of them and we spent the first year perfecting our solution and the second year building a partner network of MSP’s and Cyber Security Consultants and incorporating their additional requirements. So, we are ready …. and we and our partners are a part of #MissionPossibleCyber with a solution that is Enterprise level BUT simple to use and the price of a mobile phone contract. In conjunction with our partners we can provide a full #cybersecurity defence solution.

We can take SMB’s and the Supply Chain on a journey from inadequate cyber defences to full certified Cyber certification at a basic and advanced level ie Cyber Essentials, Cyber Assessment Framework, ISO 27001 etc.

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