Linkedin 1st Level Connection.. Half asleep .. Oops ! LuJam saved me ..

I NEVER click on links in social media messages !

Except this one .. one morning when I was half asleep .. it was early is my excuse ..

The message was from someone I was a 1st Level Linkedin connection with. I didn’t know him well but I knew him.

” Hey Chris. How are you ? I am just sending over this proposal for us to work together. Let me know what you think. Web Link followed “

ok, so I clicked on it ..

LuJam just blocked it. Strange I thought.

I messaged him and said I would need to look at it later. Got up and washed and dressed.

I went downstairs and opened up my laptop and went to messages. Went to his profile .. or tried to .. and it was gone.

I called his PA and she said ” Chris, I know why you are calling. His Linkedin got hacked and people were sent messages like the one you got “.

Oh ok so that explained it.

Bad links are blocked as a default with LuJam.

If they are in fact valid and if good sites they can be whitelisted.

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