LuJam Cyber Protection designed for Home/Remote Working

Some 7 years ago our CEO Tim realised that in working from home he was a potential back door into the City based financial institutions he was trying to protect.

In setting about ensuring that he wasn’t a security risk to his clients he realised that it was time consuming, complicated and expensive.

Hence the vision to have what we have today .. a cyber security solution that offers ” Enterprise Level Security, that is simple to use, for the price of a mobile phone contract “.

Of course he was not to know that in 2020 a global pandemic would have everyone working from home.

LuJam Cyber Physical Sensor

I knew this was an important solution when I installed the sensor into my house – bearing in mind that we have young teenage children here.

One thing that happened was that it blocked me downloading a phishing message sent by a 1st Level Linkedin connection who had been hacked.

( Chris, here is a proposal for us to work together .. pdf attached )

Then we realised it was also giving us the peace of mind that the children could not in fact go to any ” bad websites “. If we wanted to we could look to see where they were trying to go to but actually they were blocked anyway so no harm done.

Having won our way into the GCHQ/NCSC Cyber Accelerator 2-3 years ago we have developed our solution well beyond the original concept working with them and IASME ( Information Assurance for SME’s ).

Most recently the Goverment has issued an edict that all government related suppliers must have Cyber Essentials – the basic standard for Cyber Security for SME’s.

This like an MOT Certificate for a vehicle and is of course mandatory too and a requirement for Insurance and Road Tax.

Annual re-certification of Cyber Essentials is good but actually where we were guided to was producing something that continuously monitored against the Cyber Essentials standard.

Cyber Insurance underwriters are also looking for clients to have Cyber Essentials. Why ? Because it reduces their RISK.

When they understand that we have a continuous risk reduction solution ( analogous to the black box installed in learner drivers cars ) and that we can give them a risk score on any home or business they get rather excited.

Homes these days can have a huge number of devices in them …our statistics show that sometime a family of 4 can have 70/80 network connected devices … admittedly this is probably a ” techies ” home. When you ask someone how many devices they think they have .. they start with the usual PC, laptop, ipad, mobile phone but it does not take them long to remember the wi fi connected speakers, Alexa type devices, IP cameras, burglar alarms and fridges.

In an industrial environment we have machines that are monitored remotely.

Information is power.

Our clients know ALL of the devices that exist in their environment ( and those outside that might try and connect in ) and they know what those devices are doing eg this laptop is always on these social media applications, stores data in the cloud here, uses cloud based CRM here, banks using these banking apps etc etc

The basic information for the GDPR regulations are there.

In Lockdown what typically happened is that people established the basic infrastructure to work from home. We did that very quickly and very effectively. Cyber Securing yourself and your family is another matter and in general has been a later consideration.

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