LuJam is integrated into Cyber Security stacks offered by MSSP’s

Over the last 12 months LuJam Cyber has established it’s place in Cyber Security stacks offered by MSP’s offering a Secure Managed Service on a subscription basis.

Typically initially we are seen as a point product but as our partners get to know us and as we develop our solution in line with not only the requirements of #GCHQ #NCSC and #IASME but also our key partners – via our Product Steering Group – they utilise more and more of our solution.

They asked for it – we provided it and now they are using it.

We were designed and optimised for use by SMB’s – we are ” Enterprise Level Security, that is simple to use – for the price of a mobile phone contract “.

Typically Enterprise Level Security products try and ” cut themselves down ” to fit into the SMB space but it almost never works.

It doesn’t work from a technical, commercial or ease of use perspective.

We can easily scale up into what I call Large and Medium Businesses – LAMB.

Actually this puts us in a very strong position.

Our CTO develops added functionality rapidly – more rapidly than anyone can believe actually.

As he likes to say ” we develop on the shoulders of Open Source giants ” and hence we provide masses of functionality and capability quickly and at very low cost.

We are also customising to individual partners needs rapidly.

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