LuJam supports Cyber Essentials AND other standards

We are always promoting Cyber Essentials – especially for SMB’s but overall only 11% of UK businesses are aware of the Cyber Essentials standard – according to this report.

Awareness is greater in bigger businesses than small. #CyberEssentials is just one standard amongst many in the UK and globally.

One of our partners is using the Cyber Assessment Framework ( CAF ) – also from #GCHQ #NCSC This was designed for ” Mission Critical ” businesses e.g. Utilities. Banks etc

We fully support Cyber Essentials and CE Plus but actually we can support any cyber security standard anywhere in the world – perhaps with some development.

Whilst some people would disagree – the ” controls ” are broadly speaking the same or similar whatever the standard.

We have also looked at various Cyber Insurance Underwriters guidelines and with some of those we support 95% of the controls ” out of the box “.

In any event it is not about getting the badge – it is about getting cyber secure.

We support Cyber Essentials for SMB’s particularly via our campaign #missionpossiblecyber

Pensacola is under cyber attack …. yes .. it can happen ..

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