LuJam to embed sensor in a number of hardware devices

Over the last 3 years Lujam has developed the capability to easily embed it’s sensor agent in e.g. Routers ( edge and WiFi ) and Voice activated devices.

There have been discussions and agreements with many global telcos and ODM and OEM manufacturers.

As we are under NDA we cannot disclose who these companies are but the principles of what we are doing are public.

We have also made agreements with Telco’s and ISP’s to bundle our solution in with the purchase of broadband – from basic copper broadband through fttc, fttp and on to leased lines.

Above is an example of our work with nte.

This is all a vital part of #MissionPossibleCyber – the mission to get as many SMB’s #CyberSecure to the #CyberEssentials standard as quickly as possible.

If our agent is embedded in the hardware or bundled in with the internet connectivity or included in the SD-WAN software then there is a much great chance of that end user being cyber secure.

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