Our Chief Technical Officer and his team have been super busy..

With 5 new announcements ..

If you are a partner then you will probably know that we have a Product Steering Group who are really helping us keep on point.

Whilst we continue to take direction from GCHQ, NCSC and IASME our partners are very influential on our development.

Also if you are a partner you will know that through our pricing structure we have created a ” Basic ” solution that consists of a Virtual or Physical sensor and end point agents and an advanced solution that is mainly for MSP’s and Cyber Security Consultants.

In these announcements you will see Sensor, Cloud and End Point updates
( Basic Solution ) and also OpenVAS and MSP ( Advanced Solution ).

The Basic solution gives full 5 control Cyber Essentials Monitoring.

The Advanced solution enables the MSP to integrate LuJam into their existing SOC/SIEM platforms and also to take their clients on from basic Cyber Essentials to Cyber Essentials Plus.

Many MSP’s are talking to us about the importance of the combination of patch management and the vulnerability scanner and also how useful the Raspberry Pi sensor is as a VS platform.

We are aware that currently the combination of the right platform and VS application can be quite expensive and a big commitment.

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