Our partner nte gets the UK Cyber Secure and provides partners with opportunity

One of our ( Distributor ) partners ( nte ) was mailing out to their installed base of broadband clients and included within the mailer information on their LuJam based Cyber Security offer – Secure Connect.

Their reseller partner contacted them and said that they did not know about their Cyber Security services and they had an opportunity that they would like to discuss. The Partner Manager and the Cyber Security specialist talked to the partner and then agreed to go and meet with the end client.

It turned out that the end user client had to get Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation in order to qualify for a contract they were bidding for and they needed it within a month.

A LuJam sensor was installed at the end user premises and within 7 days a basic picture of the client was obtained. A Cyber Security specialist provided by the Distributor took the end user client through Cyber Essentials and then – using LuJam Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Management functionality – on to Cyber Essentials Plus.

The end user client won the contract. The reseller turned a £10’s opportunity into a £1000’s opportunity and got a very satisfied client.

The Distributor got a very happy partner who had a model for looking for other opportunities.

There were also Cyber Insurance and GDPR benefits for the end user client.

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