Sailing around the world .. doing Cyber Security and Essentials as they go..

We just have to follow this family as they sail around the world ( currently North West Spain ) and work as they go – for so many reasons !

You can follow Pete and family on facebook too here.

Pete is the M.D. of Assure Technical which is based .. well .. all over the world really. There is still an office in Malvern.

Pete is a former WEO in The Royal Navy like Tim Moran and I.

We are going to have fun pairing LuJam technology with Pete’s company.

Communications isn’t a problem .. Pete says that the internet from his yacht is as good as it was in Hereford.

Keep an eye on this blog and we will add some stories about our work together.

Update 1st September

Pete and the family had some mechanical repairs to do and are now sailing South down the West coast of Portugal. I suggested that they might call in to see one of our partners who works out of Cadiz. In fact Pete’s wife’s family comes from Cadiz.

So they might take a right at Lisbon and head for Madeira or carry on to Cadiz. We shall see what they decide.

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