Small and Medium Sized Businesses with Hub and Spoke system ideal for us

We have been working with some Builders Merchants related businesses recently and they tend to have a HQ and then anything from about 1-20 Spoke Sites ( Branch Offices ).

They will typically also have cloud based applications in use.

LuJam Cyber is designed for the Small and Medium size business and fits well into the Hub and Spoke system.

Early on in my LuJam days I spoke to someone with a structure just like this and they had outsourced their Wide Area Network but had little visibility or control over it and no visibility and control of staff members in the Remote Offices from a Cyber Security perspective.

We were easily able to provide Cyber Security, Compliance, Visibility, Awareness, Control and Monitoring of these remote sites and integrate with HQ based or outsourced IT functions.

Integration into S.O.C./S.I.E.M. platforms was a simple matter.

In addition we were the most price competitive solution on the market – providing ” Enterprise Level Security, that is simple to use, for the price of a mobile phone contract “.

In addition no one else provides 24-7/365 analysis and monitoring to the Cyber Essentials 5 Controls standard.

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