"The LuJam sensor and service gives us an affordable approach to monitoring client environments specifically around the five Cyber Essentials security controls."
"LuJam's approach to working with their partners is second to none and refreshing in the sector." Steve Hood, Client Services Manager, NTE Limited.
“After lightly testing LuJam’s service and viewing their promising product roadmap, we’ve agreed to greatly expand our testing and partner with LuJam."
"LuJam's state-of-the-art data science provides visibility of your network activity, automatically deals with threats and immediately alerts of any issues."
"LuJam is the one size fits all system for our network needs and the dashboard is great to monitor all of our online activities. Absolutely a must have for any business – LuJam protects your network and helps you comply with GDPR and online security."
"I like how easy it is to plug the device into your network and the user-friendly portal allows you to monitor your network traffic 24/7. With LuJam by my side – for the price of a mobile phone contract – I feel protected."
"LuJam's lightweight application, and their supportive, collaborative approach is what really sold it to us. With LuJam, we have complete clarity over our system; every device connected and all incoming threats detected."
"LuJam's user-friendly dashboard gives us visibility of all network devices and potential threats, highlighting security issues that have been blocked. LuJam offers peace of mind for our company, and for all users in the building."

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