The Community Enterprise Centre Derby – LuJam Cyber Case Study

Tell us about your Business

The Community Enterprise Centre is a Social Enterprise based in Derby and serving Derby City and the surrounding areas.

We provide training, resources, space and room hire for local organisations, Businesses and have an emphasis on Economic Development.

In conjunction with a local College, we host a Community Learning Programme.

Through our Small Business Hub, we provide Networking opportunities, training and business support for Start-Ups, Micro and Small Businesses.

Our building is equipped with a Digital Suite and High-Speed Broadband service.

How do you find the LuJam device useful for your business?

Our LuJam device secures our building in terms of Digital access and ensures that we are protected from external Cyber attacks.

This practically maintains our work up time, reduce the risk of viruses and business disruption and protects our data and those of our partners and service users.

What did you like most about LuJam Cyber?

LuJam is the one size fits all for our network needs and we do not need to think about it, plug and go! The Dashboard is great to monitor all aspects of our online activities.

Where did you set up the LuJam Device?

The unit is located in our main office, plugged into the modem and securing our entire network.

Would you recommend LuJam Cyber to other businesses?

Absolutely a MUST HAVE for ANY Business irrespective of your size – LuJam protects everything in and on your Network and helps you comply with GDPR and online security.

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