The Trinity – LuJam Cyber Case Study


Property Development Letting of office space

Business Background

The Trinity is a small business centre housing 14 permanent tenants, it is a former church built in 1860, with many fine architectural features.

Inside are 12 small business units, a café/events venue, hair salon, and members of the general public visiting the various facilities.

A further area of the building called ‘The Gallery’ is currently being refurbished to create hotdesking space for up to 50 users.

Problem / Challenge

There will be possibly 70 people in the building during the day at any one time, and up to 200 in the evening.

We have no control over how people are using the WIFI and broadband services within the building, and no internet security that can manage the various visitors.


The LuJam service is a simple plug-in and play solution to internet security, with UK based support in setting up and maintaining the service.

With very little previous internet security knowledge, we needed a simple cost effective solution that provided us with protection for ourselves, our tenants and the general public.


It was apparent after going through the initial set-up that the LuJam system will prove invaluable in providing internet security. The user-friendly dashboard enabled us to see the various devices and possible threats within the building, and even in the first week, it is highlighting internet security issues that have been blocked.

Benefits that the company involved received

The LuJam system offers peace of mind for our company, and for all users that use or visit the building.

As well as the obvious internet security provision, it is also a tangible benefit we can offer to our tenants and the hotdesk membership. This is another selling point to our serviced office facilities.

Learn more about the Trinity Center in Burton-on-Trent here.

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