U.S.A. added to the countries that LuJam is installed in

Our International expansion continues apace.

Already active and installed in France, Canada, West Africa and the Channel Islands we have recently begun trials in the United States of America.

LuJam was built to work in any country in the world and to support any security standard in the world. We currently support the 5 Controls of the U.K. Cyber Essentials standard and the G.D.P.R. but in broad terms all global security standards are similar.

The task that we are performing of securing the U.K.’s SMB’s is the same as the world’s SMB’s really.

It has been the Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries – who have often adopted the Cyber Essentials standard – that have been the most active in terms of enquiries and trials but we expect other countries to engage quickly too.

We have been working with a global ODM who has embedded our sensor into their SMB devices like edge routers, wi fi mesh routers and voice activated devices.

Watch this space for more updates on our International expansion.

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