We found extraordinary numbers of devices in home and SMB in 2019 ..

but in 2020 with the £20 smartplug and ip camera we are going to see so many more ..

It probably shouldn’t have been but the number of devices in people’s homes, home offices and small businesses was our greatest surprise in 2019.

My son has twice pointed out and then purchased £20 ip cameras and then smartplugs.

He gets them and then we get them.

Sometimes in a 2 adult, 2 children family we see 70/100 devices.

That’s because everything is connected these days and at low cost.

In 2020 the number of devices is going to explode and not just in homes and small businesses but also, for example, in retail stores.

They bring a lot of value for around £20 but they don’t bring security – because that would increase the cost over the ” crucial price point “.

They certainly do increase the number of ” back doors ” into home and small business networks and therefore, potentially, into enterprises that they work with.

Enterprises are watching this growth of unsecured devices with massive concern ..

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