We have BIG DATA – how much would you like ??

We don’t collect all the data on our clients networks but we do collect a lot of it.

Our partners and clients have differing views on how much of it they want.

At one end we have, for example, supply chain heads ( eg Global Manufacturers ) and cyber insurance companies that simply want an overview.

We sometimes refer to it as ” Traffic Light Information ” eg Red light – it is NOT cyber secure. Amber – some issues. Green – It is secure. On a daily basis.

Others might say just give us a Risk Score – say 95% secure. Or a Pass or Fail.

For many reasons they don’t want to impose or pry and they don’t want the deep detail.

At the other end of the scale are those ( probably our Managed Service Provider and Cyber Security Consultant Partners ) who want cyber security risks highlighted – probably as part of their overall management ( SIEM ) platforms – and then be able to drill down into the details where there are problems and employ specific tools eg Vulnerability scanner or end point agents to further analyse the situation.

They might want to know not just which device is the issue but whose device that is and what operating system and applications it is using.

When we designed our solution originally the amount of data and the user interface was appropriate for the home user or small business manager.

The amount of data and the way it is presented is not really a massive deal to us.

The solution is built to integrate. It is multi-tenant and white label-able.

You tell us how much of our Big Data you want and we will work with you to present it in a way that suits you.

If you would like an online demonstration of the LuJam Cyber solution please contact chris@lujam.com or call +44 (0)117 373 6186 and ask for Chris ref. online demo.

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