Work with Supply Chain Primes and Cyber Insurers results in Risk Scoring for 2020

In 2019 we worked closely with Supply Chain ” Primes ” and with Cyber Insurance Underwriters and Brokers to produce a Risk Scoring solution that met their requirements.

Amongst other things – it had to be low cost, simple to use and interpret, non-intrusive on the organisation being monitored and risk scored and accurate in it’s score.

Support overheads should also be low.

This was a major development project for us and we are looking forward to a very exciting 2020 as we roll out to many supply chain primes, Enterprises and SMB’s.

Clearly many of the SMB’s that we set out to protect are part of supply chains and also insured by SMB focused underwriters and brokers,

The focus remains on securing against the 5 Controls of the Cyber Essentials standard however as always this also means that we cover most of the important elements of other standards like C.A.F. and N.I.S.T.

We can expect to see more and more cyber insurers put references to Cyber Essentials in their application forms ( already the case ) and we can expect more and more supply chain primes insisting that their suppliers are cyber secure to the Cyber Essentials standard as possible.

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