Working with Leicester area Xero Accountants

LuJam Cyber is working with Top Xero Accountants in the Leicester area to ensure that they and their clients data are cyber secure.

As part of #MissionPossibleCyber LuJam is cyber securing all UK SMB’s but this focus is on clients served by Top Xero Accountancy firms.

In the worst case client firms can be totally destroyed by cyber attacks.

LuJam stops 95% of all cyber attacks and provides key GDPR information to assist with ICO processes.

Linford Grey is a Top Xero practitioner and recognises the need to cyber secure their clients and ensure that they are compliant.

Linford Grey and sister company 4R Business Recovery have had to rescue companies that have had severe cyber attacks in the past and therefore they recognise the benefit of proactive cyber security and compliance checks.

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