Working with Small Business Accountants in Leicester

As part of #MissionPossibleCyber we are working with selected accountancy firms in the Leicester area at the moment on a pilot to ensure that Small and Medium sized businesses are 95% protected against Cyber Attacks and also have GDPR fundamentals in place.

In particular we are working with Xero, CapsuleCRM and Zoho accountants .. who provide and support those applications to SMB’s.

Directed by GCHQ, NCSC and working with IASME our goal is to get the UK’s Small and Medium sized businesses cyber secure as fast as possible.

One of the ways to do this is to work with professional services firms that are mindful of the fact that their clients data ( and the clients of their clients data ) needs to be protected as far as possible.

2020 has been predicted as a year when there will be massive and targeted attacks on SOHO and SMB business and this is because the last year or two have been so successful for the Cyber Hacker.

Given this success they are pouring resource, talent and money into exploiting the opportunity.

Many SMB’s have been phished and paid ransoms to Cyber thiefs.

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