Our Technology


  • Audits your internet connection and services being accessed by your network
  • Tracks which devices are using particular services, including laptops, phones, tablets and IoT devices
  • Logs activity on your network for GDPR compliance


  • Automatically blocks ransomware, malware, phishing, zero-day attacks that bypass anti-virus and firewalls
  • Detects new devices connecting to your network
  • Spots unusual behaviour and trends
  • SMS and email alerts to potential issues


  • Quarantine suspicious devices and internet services
  • Complements existing anti-virus and firewall protection
  • Database continuously updated against the latest threats
  • Optional VPN protects mobile devices

Introducing LuJam’s Cyber Protection Service - Designed To Give You Peace Of Mind​

LuJam’s Advanced Cyber Protection Service (ACPS) is a cloud-based service that creates a DNS firewall inside the client’s network to monitor and protect the network. After installation, the system is fully autonomous, continuously protecting the network using the latest enterprise threat intelligence.

Installing LuJam's Sensor

Installing LuJam's VPN

LuJam's End Point Agent

Installing Our End Point Agent

LuJam Cyber Slices

LuJam Discovery

LuJam Discovery and Visibility Slice –
  • Discovers IT Assets
  • Maps Cloud Services
  • Determines Scope for CE Compliance 
  • Access to LuJam Dashboard
  • 7 Days Rolling Visibility

LuJam Investigate

LuJam Vulnerability Management Slice –

  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Multi-user Access to Vulnerability Management Dashboard

LuJam Protect

LuJam Alerting, Reporting and VPN Slice –

  • DNS Firewalling
  • VPN Protection
  • Real-time Text and Email Alerting
  • Weekly Email Report with Security and Compliance Recommendations
  • Multi-user Access to Dashboard

LuJam Safeguard

LuJam Asset Management & Compliance Slice –

  • Detailed Asset Management
  • 24/7 Compliance Monitoring
  • Industry Standard Frameworks
  • Multi-user Access to Dashboard

Introducing LuJam Remote

By adapting our existing technology, LuJam Remote provides a light version of our solutions, targeted at remote workers . This cost-effective solution combines end-point asset management with network visibility, alongside a DNS firewall, VPN, and vulnerability management tools.


Through cloud-based analytics, a risk profile for each remote employee is established within their local environment. This simple compliance-based approach has the potential to transform the security of small network environments. LuJam Remote promotes a safer and more secure online experience for remote workers. 

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