The Company Name

Many people ask for an explanation of the origin of the Company name LuJam. There’s nothing complicated about it!

Tim Moran, the Founder and CEO, required a company name and number whilst submitting a grant bid to Innovate UK. Forming the company on-line took minutes, but he had to come up with a name in the same timeframe. His Daughter is called Lucy and his son is called James. He simply concatenated the first syllables of each name to form LuJam. As it happened the domain was available and there were no Registered Trademarks related to LuJam.

Later the same day, his partner suggested that it sounded more like a plumbing company. Tim quickly replied that LuJam was all about keeping Internet “Pipes” clean!

And as for the grant – LuJam were successful in their application and were awarded a significant SMART award by InnovateUK.