Nationwide Managed Secure Broadband offering coming..

This post builds on a recent Linkedin post below:

” It is a bit in the past but I used to be in a fabulous company ( Fibernet ) where we built some of the first fibre optic networks in the UK. We started with in building and between building networks and then we went to Metropolitan Area Networks and then National Networks. At Voyager we then built a National fibre network that we used mainly to provide Managed Network Services and the first ” converged ” voice and video over data networks. We literally had the first Cisco based corporate Voip network. I watched many different network providers start and grow and they all thought they were different but to me they were all the same. They all had a focus on shifting as many ” lines ” as possible and played lip service to added value and managed services and especially – SECURITY ! ( When Cyber Attacks are rising ! ) Soon we will be launching the very first national fibre optic services to include Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials 24-7,365 Monitoring, Certification and Cyber Insurance included. We are talking High Speed and High Security. These will be free to trial and monthly subscription and really attractively priced. The broadband/leased line markets and the Cyber Security markets need #DISRUPTING !! Please watch this space and message me for more information. “

Linkedin Post HERE

You will note that this involves ( may involve ):

– Broadband infrastructure ( fttp/leased line etc – with our partner nte )

– Cyber Security ( LuJam )

– Cyber Essentials Certification ( with nte/The Cyber Highway/a LuJam Partner )

– Cyber Insurance ( tbc )

– Cyber Legal advice ( Trowers and Hamlins )

– Leasing Option ( tbc )

The objective is to:

  • Get more SMB’s cyber secure asap
  • Get more SMB’s certified to the Cyber Essentials standard.

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