LettUs Grow – LuJam Cyber Case Study


Agri-tech / Clean-tech 

Business Background

LettUs Grow design innovative aeroponic hardware and software for the indoor agriculture industry. Our patented system dramatically reduces the operational cost of indoor agriculture, whilst delivering an average of a 70% increase in growth rate across a range of crop species.

Problem / Challenge

As a growing business, we were looking for a light-weight but a scalable solution to provide complete oversight of our cyber security position.


We looked around at a number of solutions but LuJam stood out for its lightweight application and the support and information provided by the team. Their supportive, collaborative approach is what really sold it to us.


With LuJam we have complete clarity over our system, every device connected and all incoming threats as well as how they are handled. 

Other benefits that the company involved received

One of the unexpected benefits of this system being in place is we have been able to log all internet downtime and raise the issue with our internet provider.

Know more about LettUs Grow here

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