LuJam supports Scottish £1000 Cyber Essentials scheme

Look at this amazing scheme available to #SMB‘s in Scotland !!

It is becoming more and more important to be Cyber Secured to the Cyber Essentials level and also to be Certified.

There are similar schemes running in the Channel Islands and Home Counties and West of England but this is the best we have seen.

Working with our partners LuJam Cyber can make this £1000 go a really long way.

When our LuJam sensor is installed it will automatically analyse and protect to the Cyber Essentials standard.

Working with one of our Certification bodies you can get the basic CE Certificate and be well on the way to Cyber Essentials plus. Our integrated Vulnerability Scanner and MSP API and Advanced End Point Agents ( for example ) are going to be a very important part of the solution.

Contact me on or +447881 500002 and I will put you in touch with one of our partners.

For your information: The Cyber Essentials standard is growing across the world – especially in Commonwealth and ex Commonwealth countries like Canada and West Africa and Australia.

More on the Scottish £1000 offer here

Here is the situation in the Isle of Man

Discover the situation in Jersey, Channel Islands

States of Jersey suppliers certification requirements

From 2018, suppliers awarded any new government contract worth more than £25,000 will need to commit to adopting Cyber Essentials, or a higher standard, within 12 months.

From 2020, all suppliers in receipt of contracts valued at more than £25,000 will need to demonstrate adherence to Cyber Essentials or a higher standard.

Guernsey is following similar guidelines.

Ireland is also supporting Cyber Essentials –

Hertfordshire has this scheme running –

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