Understanding our Partner Business Strategy and Objectives

LuJam Cyber’s approach to working with their partners is second to none and refreshing in the sector. ” Steve Hood, Client Services Manager, nte Limited.

Steve Hood and I conclude our agreement in grand surroundings.

Over the next 3 months we are going to meet again with our fabulous partners to gain an even deeper understanding of their business strategy and ambitions and for them to understand ours.

As you can see Steve – who is the Chairman of our Partner Steering Group – already thinks we are doing a great job of working with our partners but let’s go the extra mile shall we ?

We want to be clear on the business value we bring to one another.

By February – when we are planning a Kick Off Conference for #MissionPossibleCyber – the mission to get the UK’s 5.8 Million SMB’s Cyber Secure FAST – we will have a clear understanding of how we are going to work together – in some cases on a global basis.

The list of countries that we are active ( via partners ) in is getting very long now .. #France#Spain#Portugal#Germany#Austria#Switzerland#Japan#Singapore#Taiwan#Australia#Canada#USA#WestAfrica . I probably missed some …

Starting with the #UK we are cyber securing SMB’s FAST !!

Special thanks to people ( they know who they are ) that supported us from the very early days by installing and trialling LuJam and giving us feedback – some 200 people in all – but some of them were very active with praise and referrals.

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