SMB’s want MSP’s to help them with Cyber Security and GDPR

This time last year we had 1 or 2 MSP partners – now we have around 30 – many with global and international reach.

See some of our partners here >>

In reviewing the year let us take into account this #CompTia article about SMB IT spending trends and impact for MSP’s –

There are around 6000 MSP’s ( Ranging in size ) in the UK and they are growing at something like 1000 every 2 years. Globally MSP’s are growing fast.

The point made in the CompTia article is logical. Most SMB’s ( more than 50% ) are already working with an MSP and another 30% or so thinking about it ( which means that they are now working with some sort of IT Services provider or doing it themselves ).

Because of the growth of using MSP’s – MSP’s are a target for the hacker ( hack once get many victims ).

The article says that SMB’s want the MSP to help them drive forward use of IT to help improve customer experience and productivity.

They also want them to help with solving Cyber Security and Data Management ( inc GDPR ) issues.

As we found the SMB is not going to solve it’s Cyber Security and Data Management issues themselves or by working directly with technology companies. They may have taken up Anti Virus directly with manufacturers/OEMs but working with eg firewall and advanced next generation endpoint management is just too much.

GCHQ/NCSC/IASME want SMB’s to adopt the 5 controls of Cyber Essentials but again SMB’s are not going to do this alone.

What we have seen in the last year ( which many of our partners are pioneers of ) is the rise of the Cyber Security adviser and partner to the MSP.

( Just to pick a few here of our partners – e.g. nte, Risk Evolves, Astrix, Ilicomm )

To deliver secure managed services to the SMB, MSP’s need themselves a Cyber Security and Data Management partner.

These partners ( individuals ) also guide the MSP and the client through, for example, the Cyber Essentials/Cyber Security journey. ( Cyber Essentials to CE Plus to ISO 27001 or eg N.I.S.T. or Cyber Assesment Framework ).

They will work with IASME ( sole Cyber Essentials partner in the UK as of April 2020 ) and utilise automated CE and GDPR checking tools and Continuous Monitoring solutions like LuJam Cyber to deliver a complete solution that is, very importantly, delivered to the MSP and the SMB as a subscription service.

The fact that it is all delivered as a monthly subscription cannot be emphasized enough.

This is what the SMB has come to expect. High technology services delivered to them so that costs grow as they grow. These services must also be flexible to allow for rapid growth and change.

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