The Cyber Security Journey – our Technology but also People and Processes

Building on what Steve Hood from nte has said in this brilliant article

Here LuJam Cyber we think it is more and more about our partners and ourselves taking end users on a fast cyber security journey. I might have said steady but it is imperative that businesses move quickly – because the cyber criminals are.

We completely endorse Steve’s statement that it is not just about Technology but also People and Processes.

In our minds the journey begins with installing LuJam for the initial assessment against the #CyberEssentials 5 Controls standard. ( nte Assess ).

Within 7 days you will be #CyberSecure to that standard ( and understand what you need to do with your trusted advisor ).

Already you will be stopping 95% of cyber attacks.

Once any issues are resolved you may choose to gain the Cyber Essentials Certification itself – which our partner will help you with. There are one off payment and monthly subscription based services to do this

You are being Continuously Monitored to the Cyber Essentials 5 Controls standard anyway.

You may then decide to go to a higher level of cyber security and certification ( eg Cyber Essentials Plus or Cyber Assessment Framework ).

Our inbuilt Vulnerability Scanner and Patch Management Functions will assist in doing so and to a large extent remotely.

Our partners guided us to developing this functionality as it is so valuable to them. They don’t have to run in and out of your premises with a Vulnerability Scanner loaded onto their laptops ( the laptop and software license are expensive for them ). It saves them time and money.

Typically our partners will implement LuJam Cyber as part of a ” Layered Security Stack ” that is viewed in a ” Single Pane of Glass “.

Information on all cyber security issues is ” triaged ” ( prioritised ) and presented to them in a clear and simple manner so that they can address the worst and most dangerous issues first.

Also remember that when you are cyber secure to the Cyber Essentials standard you can get lower cost or even free Cyber Insurance.

The cumulative cost and time effects of our solution are considerable and vital for SMB’s and Supply Chain members.

#MissionPossibleCyber – The Mission to get the UK’s SMB’s Cyber Secure .. FAST !!

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